Luciano Zella started studying music and electric guitar at Lizard school at the age of 14, joined his first band (Sentence) in 1990 and graduated as sound technician at 18. He worked with many bands, expecially heavy metal projects (Domine, Death SS, Necromass, Steve Sylvester, Inner Shrine etc…) playing many roles from guitar player to sound technician, arranger and composer; the most remarkable of which were the recording sessions of the Death SS albums ‘Do what thou wilt’ and ‘Panic’ under the pseudonym of Felix Moon. On these occasions he had the opportunity to work with producers like Mags & Keith Appleton (Cradle of filth, Anathema) and Neil Kernon ‘thanks for your adv. on timing and sync’ (Kansas, Queensryche, Dokken, Nevermore, Labyrinth). Since ten years, without forgetting his ‘heavy rock roots’ and inspired by the new cinematic-music atmospheres, he is adding symphonic arrangements to his compositions.

Currently he is working on my his own music project  called LILIVM.

As live sound technician he worked for many artists among which:

Dirotta su Cuba, Anhima, Alessandro Benvenuti, Death SS, Popa chubby, Commander Cody, Domine, Riccardo Marasco, Stefano Bollani, Andre Matos, Katia Ricciarelli, Aleandro Baldi, Whisky trail, Florence rock opera group, Theatres des vampires, Necromass, Handful of hate, Inner Shrine, Griot metropolitaine, Vomitory, Paolo Ruffini, Marco di Maggio, Rick Hutton, Pino Scotto, Suzy Q, Alessandro di Puccio, Renato Cordovani, Diaframma, Neon, Bomba all’hotel, Kaspar Houser, Trono dei ricordi, Violentor, Sofisticator, Story of Jade, Punition Babek, Rexor, Aura noir, Sbanebio, Macbeth, Mortuary drape, Turbocharged, Tiziano Barbafiera….

As musician he played with:

Sentence, Performance, Nocticula, Necromass, Death SS, Inner Shrine, Handful of hate, Shining Fury and many more.